Sep 24, 2010

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آهنگ بسيار زيبای معشوق همین جاست – The Beloved Is Here

Singer: Hajir Mehr afrooz, Rumi Qazal – WE ARE ONE : The Beloved is Here

معشوق همین جاست

ای قوم به حج رفته کجایید وکجایید
معشوق همین جاست بیایید و بیایید
معشوق تو همسایه ی دیوار به دیوار
دربادیه سرگشته شما در چه هوایید
گرصورت بی صورت معشوق ببیــنید
هم حاجی وهم کعبه وهمخانه شما یید
صدبار ازین راه بدان خانه بر فتید
یکبار ازین خانه بر ین بام بــرایید
گرقصد شما دیدن آن خانه جان است
اول رخ آیینه به صیقل به زدایید

The Beloved is here

O you who’ve gone on pilgrimage-where are you, where, oh where?
Here, here is the Beloved! Oh come now, come, oh come!
Your friend, he is your neighbor, he is next to your wall -
You, erring in the desert – what air of love is this?
If you’d see the Beloved’s form without any form -
You are the house, the master, You are the Kaaba, you! . . .
Where is a bunch of roses, if you would be this garden?
Where, one soul’s pearly essence when you’re the Sea of God?
That’s true – and yet your troubles may turn to treasures rich -
How sad that you yourself veil the treasure that is yours!



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  1. gopalakrishnan r says:

    The beauty of the song lies deeper in my soul.

  2. thanks for sharing i realy enjoyed this song .and cannot stop listening to this beutiful song .

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